A warm home can be a treasured haven against the cold of a Northeast winter. However, if your living spaces have excessively dry air, your seasonal comfort can be severely compromised. A whole-house humidification program, such as that offered by a steam humidification system, is an effective tool for controlling winter humidity levels and making your home a more pleasant place to be.

The air around us is drier in winter than in other seasons. Your home heating system can add to the problem through the heated air it produces. Dry indoor air can result in physical discomforts such as dry skin, scratchy eyes and throats, nosebleeds and irritated mucous membranes, and breathing problems. Dry air also increases the amount of static electricity in your home and can eventually warp or damage furniture, flooring, and wood.

Dry indoor air can even lead to increased spending on heating. Since dry air makes you feel cooler than properly humidified air, you may end up setting your thermostat higher to compensate. With a steam humidification system in place, these problems will be alleviated or eliminated.

Your indoor environment is most comfortable when relative humidity levels are between 45 and 55 percent. Whole-home humidifiers take in all the air circulating through your forced-air heating system and add moisture to it using water vapor or steam. The humidified air then travels throughout your home like normal, increasing humidity in each area that receives conditioned air from your heating system.

A steam humidification system, such as the Lennon Healthy Climate Steam Humidifier, is an effective choice for whole-home humidification. Units such as these produce plenty of moisture that can make even the driest home feel more comfortable. A model with a digital thermostat can even monitor home humidity levels and automatically increase or decrease humidity as needed.

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