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Mitsubishi Ductless Mini-Split Install in Raritan, NJ

Install Equipment for client in Raritan, NJ : Mitsubishi Electric MXZ-2C20NAHZ2-U1 - Heat Pump MSZ-GL12NA-U1 - Indoor Unit MSZ-GL09NA-U1 - Indoor Unit Accessories: 1 each - Condensing unit mounting pad: 16 x 36 x 3 (ULTRILITE1) - Mitsubishi Electric Mounting Pad 2 each - Refrigeration Ball Valve - 5/8 (BV58BBSI) - Mitsubishi Electric Ball Valve 1 each - Split Line Tube (PVC) (CD-140) - Mitsubishi Electric Line-Hide Materials: ft: 35 Line Set

Commercial HVAC in Manville, NJ

Our commercial client in Manville, NJ had major leaks and holes in their HVAC. Our technicians replaced some of the duct work and upgraded the system.

Insulation and Air Sealing for HVAC System and Chimney in Somerset, NJ

A new customer in Somerset, NJ called into Pipe Works Services because he had multiple insulation issues in his home. The home was built in 1988, was approximately 1,500 square feet. There was no basement or crawlspace, so the problem was not coming from that area, but there was an attic and outside the house had older insulation, where air was protruding through. Pipe Works Services technicians Malik and Charles determined better insulation was needed around the chimney. They insulated around the chimney with Thermax fire rated foam board and fire rated foam/caulk.

Drain Pipe Repair and Replacement in Long Valley, NJ

A customer who was referred to Pipe Works Services called from Long Valley, NJ looking to find a solution to having excessive water in the basement and was inquiring why since she had french drains installed.

Our senior technician Lloyd gave her a variety of options, one of which was to replace their main sewer line drain piping because it was not supported correctly and it was old cast iron which could poise a problem in the future. Pipe Works technician Pedro installed new 4" main sewer line drain piping and secured it properly to avoid any future water damage.

Mitsubishi System Install in Long Valley, NJ

We installed a Mitsubishi system with four indoor units.

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