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Budd Lake, NJ Restaurant Clogged Drain

Our technicians were called out to a restaurant in Budd Lake experiencing a slow drain that was also backing up. We hydro-jetted the line and reworked some of the old plumbing for the cutomer.

Crawl Space Encapsulation and Insulation in Flanders, NJ

The homeowners of this residence were experiencing cold floors and temperature control issues on the first floor. After using our thermal imaging camera we were able to show them how much of their energy was being wasted due to the crawl space under the home. Upon further inspection we also found exposed duct work. (Before the work began the technicians removed the old fiberglass insulation). This means the cold or warm air in the ducts was being altered causing the HVAC system to work harder to keep the temperature accurate in the home. The solution was to encapsulate the crawl space with matting on the dirt floor, Spray Foam insulation on the walls & duct work, and dense packing the garage ceiling with cellulose insulation. This combination will keep the temperatures accurate, save wear and tear on the HVAC, and make the home a healthier space.


New Armstrong Air Condenser in Hillsborough, NJ

Pipe Works Services installed this 3 Ton Armstrong Air Condensing Unit in Hillsborough, NJ that came from a customer referral.

New Lennox Furnace install in Hillsborough, NJ

A new customer in Hillsborough, NJ was looking to have a new furnace installed into their home. Our technician Pablo was contacted personally to have the new system installed by him and Pipe Works Services technicians. Our comfort advisor Rob was dispatched and provided all the necessary estimates to have the new furnace installed. Pipe works Services technicians Pablo and Washington were on hand in Hillsborugh, NJ to install A new Lennox Furnace, Lennox Thermostat, and all the necessary parts and equipment to that the customer is prepared for cold weather!

Pipe Lining Being Worked On in Netcong, New Jersey

The home owner was experiencing frequent clogs and back ups in her home. Our System Design Specialist went to the home to perform a video camera inspection of the line. Upon viewing the interior of the sewer line we discovered major rust and tree root infiltration in the line. Our technicians had to make a small dig outside the home because there was no clean out access inside the basement. The cut out one section of the pipe in order to perform a scouring and hydro jetting inside the line. Due to tree root infiltration there were many cracks in the line and they opted to perform a pipe lining instead of a huge dig to replace the entire line. 

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