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Drain Pipe Repair and Replacement in Long Valley, NJ

A customer who was referred to Pipe Works Services called from Long Valley, NJ looking to find a solution to having excessive water in the basement and was inquiring why since she had french drains installed.

Our senior technician Lloyd gave her a variety of options, one of which was to replace their main sewer line drain piping because it was not supported correctly and it was old cast iron which could poise a problem in the future. Pipe Works technician Pedro installed new 4" main sewer line drain piping and secured it properly to avoid any future water damage.

Garbage Disposal in Gladstone, New Jersey

Our Technician Pablo was called to a customers home in Gladstone, New Jersey. The garbage disposal was not working and the drain was clogged. The disposal was beyond repair and a new one was installed.

Pipe Lining Project in South Bound Brook, New Jersey

Our technicians were called out to a home in South Bound Brook, New Jersey for a failing sewer line. South Bound Brook is near a river and has a very high water table as you can see from this photo. The weight of the dirt and water pressing down over a long period of time can cause rust and cracking in the old metal pipe. They cut out a section of the sewer line, performed a hydro scour and Picote. Then the pipe lining was placed inside the rest of the existing pipe after replacing the cut out section with PVC pipe. 

Hot Water Heater in Bound Brook, NJ

Our technician Anthony went to a home in Bound Brook, NJ to replace a leaking and broken hot water heater. We replaced it with a higher capacity RHEEM water heater. 

Boiler Replacement in Bound Brook, NJ

Boiler Replacement 

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