How Water Can Damage Your Home's Foundation

Tuesday, January 8th, 2019 by Ellen Cagnassola


Notice the area on the concrete wall where the pipe comes out of the wall has cracks. The reason for the cracks is due to all of the water leaving this home is NOT going into the sewer, it's going into the ground around the foundation. These cracks are caused by the constant water that is weakening the foundation because the ground is never able to drain properly. Upon inspecting the vertical part of this pipe we discovered it was bone dry after opening it up. This could have been going on for decades only to be investigated due to a bad sewer smell from the kitchen drain. 




This is a screen shot of the video camera of the sewer line. Notice the extreme rusting and that dark spot far off is how small the interior of the pipe has become from rust and age. The sewer line is also cracked and leaking onto the duct work that brings air through the entire home. This smelly sewer water is literally sitting in the pipe and pushing the smell through drains and heating vents because the water lines and duct work are buried under the kitchen in the concrete. Yes, airborne smell pumping throughout the entire home while the entire family is breathing this everyday. 


This beautiful new kitchen that was just completed, now has to be disassembled and the concrete floor has to be jack hammered up to install the new water lines. The sewer line also needs to be hydro jetted to open up the line to prevent sewage from backing up into the basement in the future. After the line is clean we will insert a pipe liner and make this better than new! 


These are example of the process of pipe lining. Top left is before, top right is after we hydro jet and picote the interior. Picote is a tool with blades that rotate inside the pipe removing the rust and corrosion. the bottom photo is how the pipe lining looks after it has hardened. This is guaranteed for 10 years and tree roots cannot penetrate the sewer line. What you DON'T know should keep you awake at night! I ask you, isn't a good idea to spend $275 to camera your line? Call us operators are standing by... 973-635-3111


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