Case Studies

Pipe Works Services, Inc. Case Studies: Pipe Works Services Increases Productivity by 35% with NexTraq Fleet Tracking

Tuesday, March 18th, 2014 by Paul Giglio Jr


Established in 2000, Pipe Works Services, a customer-focused plumbing, heating and air conditioning company servicing several counties in the New Jersey area, was looking to make a switch for its old GPS fleet tracking solution once their lease expired. Paul Giglio, President and Owner of Pipe Works Services, said, “We were very unhappy with our previous fleet management provider and were actively looking to change solutions. We were referred to NexTraq by ACOWIN, a dispatching integration partner.”


Giglio selected the NexTraq™ Fleet Tracking solution because of its intuitive interface, reporting capability and automated email alert
functionality. Giglio states, “The implementation of NexTraq was extremely easy and training was a matter of creating a username and password. The solution is that easy to use.”
Since implementing the NexTraq Fleet Tracking solution, Giglio has been able to effectively monitor his vehicle and drivers’ behavior while optimizing his fleet operations. As Giglio states, “You can’t measure what you don’t know.” The alerts functionality within the NexTraq Fleet Management solution has been especially useful for Pipe Works Services. By setting up alerts, Giglio is immediately notified if a vehicle
in his fleet is moving after hours or on the weekends.
Additionally, he created geofences around each driver’s home to monitor drive behavior and hold them accountable for their actions. Giglio, said, “Because the drivers know their behavior and workday profiles are monitored, we have increased overall fleet productivity by 35% while reducing fuel costs by 20%.” Giglio also uses the maintenance alerts for all of the vehicles in his fleet to extend the life of his vehicles and cut down on the wear and tear of his fleet.
When asked about NexTraq as a company, Giglio has only positive things to say. Giglio, says, “The sales process was fabulous and my account representative did what he said we was going to do. Additionally, the customer service is great. Within an hour of placing a call to customer service, we had an installation issue dealt with immediately.”