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Chatham Township Furnace Replacement
Our customer called looking for service for a furnace that was leaking. Our technician, Zach, went out that same day and initially found that a drain line had a pin hole in...
Chatham Township Crawl Space Insulation
Customer wants a warmer basement in the winter.
Chatham Borough Hot Water Boiler Replacement
A local customer in Chatham Borough, NJ called on a cold Monday asking if we could get someone over there to give an estimate on replacing their heating system. Their carbon...
Spray foam for insulating freezing pipes
Customer had reached out to us about her having an issue with some freezing pipes in their home. She called us initially wanting a plumber to come out and fix the piping ....
Water heater repair
Customer called in after noticed their water heater was leaking. After multiple attempts at trying to get the company who installed it come back to fix , they knew they had...
HVAC System Rejuventation in Chatham, NJ
A long existing customer called and said his second floor air conditioning unit was not working properly. Our HVAC technician Zach found overflow safety switch to be tripped,...
Attic Insulation in Clark, NJ
A resident of Clark, NJ called Pipe Works Services about attic insulation. He was inquiring about a few different companies in the area about this problem. He had older, much...
Air Conditioning Maintenance and Repair in Morris Plains, NJ
An existing customer in Morris Plains, NJ called Pipe Works Services requesting her annual PSA inspection and maintenance on her air conditioning system. She came home a few...
Air Conditioning Condenser Installation in Dover, NJ
Pipe Works Services went to a call that came in and the customer expressed that his air conditioning compressor may be over charged . Pipe works Services technician Zach...
Squirrels Can't Swim
Our plumber was called out to a Dover, New Jersey home due to a clogged toilet in the guest bathroom.
Summit Frozen Pipe Prevention
We had a customer who had cold floors and had frozen pipe issues in the past.
Water Heater Replacement & venting Upgrade
Customer called in after one his tenants was not getting any hot water.
Halo Mini Water Conditioning
Customer called in looking for options to better condition the water coming into their home. 
Air Conditioning Diagnostic and Installation in Summit, NJ
A new customer in Summit, NJ called into Pipe Works Services and said the drip tray underneath her unit was full and also was extremely clogged. There was about 3" of water...
New Sewer Ejector Pump and Pit in Summit, NJ
Pipe Works Services recieved a call from a frequent customer in Summit, NJ with excessive water build up in the basement of a dentist's office.
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