Case Studies

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Steam boiler replacement
Customer called in with a leaking boiler. They were experiencing heat on and off and knew the had to act fast. This was a call we take very serious especially in the frigid...
Fixed Shower Internal Thermal and Volume Control in South Orange, NJ
a frequent customer in South Orange, NJ called into Pipe Works Services and said her shower handle kept falling off and the shower was not getting hot.
New Boiler Piping in South Orange, NJ
A frequent customer of Pipe Works Services in South Orange, NJ called in and Stated that they had a variety of repairs that were needed on their boiler. There were many small...
Mitsubishi Ductless System in West Orange, NJ
A new customer located in West Orange that saw us in Clipper Magazine called into Pipe Works Services requesting a new HVAC system. She just moved into the house and was not...
Air Conditioning Repair and Replacement in Towaco, NJ
A new customer contacted Pipe Works Services because his air conditioning was not working. Pipe Works Services technician ran into a slight problem of the coil being frozen....
Discolored PVC Furnace Exhaust Pipe, in Cedar Grove, New Jersey
Our plumber Nick was called to a home in Cedar Grove, New Jersey to inspect a high efficiency furnace pipe. The intake air pipe was white while the exhaust pipe was a noticeably...
Crawl Space Insulation
Customer called into Pipe Works Services after noticing the floor above his crawlspace was getting rather cold when the temperatures dropped.
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