Free Face Mask Filter

* Due to overwhelming demand, we are currently out of stock of all supplies - we will reopen submissions once supplies are back in stock.

Get a Free Merv-13 Face Mask Insert to use to make your cloth face mask(s) safer

As you know, face masks are very difficult to get. The CDC is urging us all to wear cloth face masks while out in public.

Let Pipe Works Services help you add a layer of greater protection to your current cloth mask. We do this by inserting a MERV 13 filter piece into a full-size pocket/ "kangaroo pouch" on a cloth face mask. Please click the following to see how to make your own face mask with a full-size pocket insert:

Mask Making Instructions

We choose this filter because the MERV 13 filter material is rated to be able to capture anything in the air down to 0.3-1.0 micron in size.

We want to help out our employees and community during this emergency and one of the ways we are doing so is that Pipe Works Services is providing you with a resource page on the mask and giving away MERV 13 face mask inserts to our community.

Below is a sign up form for you to fill out to receive a Free MERV 13 Face Mask insert by U.S. mail

  • Limit 2 inserts per family
  • We are limiting our mailing of inserts to families in our New Jersey community during this time
  • While supplies last

Please reference and use the link on this page to learn how to make a face mask with a full-size pocket insert.

From all of us here at Pipe Works Services, Inc.

Warning: Unlike the filters we are providing, not all filters can be used safely in this capacity. Some filters may contain fiberglass as a part of the material which would be harmful to breathe through.

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*I understand that I am requesting filter material inserts ONLY - not a face mask*

Note: The above is not meant to be the final authority on the subject. Obviously, professional grade medical masks would be the best defense today but, unfortunately, they are not available to many people. If you can obtain a professional grade mask once the supply for first responders and medical professionals is no longer an issue, we suggest you do it. However, until they become readily available, the use of a MERV 13 filter is better than other makeshift masks or simple dust masks with less of a filtering ability. To that end, the following answers are given to the best of our knowledge in hopes of helping our community better protect itself.

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