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Excavation and piping in Denville, NJ

Excavation and piping in Denville, NJ
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Dig a trench approximately 30 feet long and two feet deep by disconnecting the current 1 1/2" sump pump discharge PVC piping from the left front of the home and redirecting it to the right side of the home.

Redirect the discharge piping to run in front of the home under the paver side walk and reconnect to the existing gutter drainage on the right side of the home which drains out and away from the driveway, back towards the lower "wet land" areas behind the home.

Please note that the home owner understands that we will remove a portion or all of the paver side walk in the area needed to redirect the discharge piping. Pipe works Services, not responsible for the replacement of the pavers. The home owner will have a landscaper replace them.