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Sink fell Through Counter Top in Chatham ,NJ

Sink fell Through Counter Top in Chatham ,NJ
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Upon arrival, found kitchen sink I had become unattached from underside of counter top. Discussed repairs that would be needed with homeowner and pricing to make the repairs. Customer agreed to pricing and work was performed. Finished disconnecting sink from drainage assembly and removed from same cabinet all together. Shut off water to faucet and dishwasher. Informed customer that the washing machine and sink were unusable until we return. Scraped off remaining adhesive that was on the bottom of the counter top as well as what was still stuck on the sink. Applied a new adhesive and Marie mounted sink underneath counter top. Really tight end the claims that were there as well as set two 2 x 4 pieces of wood underneath to hold in place until it sets. Need to return at end of week to replace drainage piping and turn water back on.