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Leaking Valve in Morristown, NJ

Leaking Valve in Morristown, NJ
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Found single lever washing machine valve dripping at the lever location. Discussed with customer pricing for replacement of the valve, Band-Aid was picked. Shut off water to house and replaced single lever washing machine valve with a new one of the same style. Turn water back on red kitchen sink and laundry tub to be there from lines turn wash machine valve on so water can flow to it and test for leaks, test at OK shut the valve off at customer request. Upon completion of work, the realtor for the people buying the house showed up to meet with one of the inspectors. She showed me the report that had a few other plumbing related issues on it. Took a quick peek to see what they were and then called customer to discuss it with them they are going to wait for the full report to come out before moving forward with them.