Customer Testimonial from Marybeth R. in Summit, NJ

Your technician Mike Tapia came to my home on Friday to service my new water heater, which was overflowing and flooding my garage. From the first moment, I was impressed. Mike greeted me at the door with his card in hand, so I knew who he was before I let him in my home.

Mike and I conferred on the problem--too much water pressure, caused by the failure of a 50 year old pressure valve--and on all the fixes that needed to get made, including replacing the fill valves in two of my toilets, (My toilets were a separate issue and I had already called another plumber for them. I ended up cancelling my appt with the other plumber because Mike handled all the problems in one go.)

Before doing any work, Mike wrote up an estimate so I could approve it before he got started. He did a great job replacing the pressure valve, fixing the hot water heater and replacing the fill valves on the toilets. He also replaced the flappers as a courtesy and he made sure water did not continue to leak into the bowls as it had been doing for the past several years.

Mike mentioned that you have a plan for annual maintenance of HVAC. Because I was so impressed with his work, I listened to what you have on offer, and decided to go with your company for the annual work on my relatively new systems. Again, I am cancelling my standing appt with my HVAC installer in order to use your services.

I appreciate good work on my house and I have seen both great work and not so great work, so I know the difference. You have a terrific associate in Mike Tapia and I wanted you to know how pleased I am to have found your company. I have already started to tell my friends that I have found a great plumber. Believe me, EVERY ONE is interested in hearing the details.

- Marybeth R. of Summit, NJ
Tuesday, October 29th
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