Customer Testimonial from Katie &. in West Orange, NJ


I wanted to share what a positive experience I've had with Pipe Works. I will also post this on review sites but so you have, and can also hopefully share my appreciation with your technicians.  Apologies for the length in advance!


I came across Pipe Works because of a very surprising boiler break (boiler was only 3 years old).  A very stressful situation - not just the cost which is enough to give you heart palpitations, but also given the cold weather and urgency to replace, there's such a lack of time to do proper research for a reputable, customer-friendly and actually reliable service provider to handle the new installation (and with a bit of luck, a company you'd be happy to have remained for ongoing service).  Needless to say the previous company, and one who installed the now dead boiler was not the right fit.


While the boiler breaking was not great, the silver lining is that I have been so pleased with Pipe Works, your technicians and service operations overall.  We've had a few hiccups with the new boiler and you have always responded promptly, kindly and most gratefully, very thoroughly to ensure not just the immediately visible issue is being addressed but the system as a whole is operating as it should.  


In terms of operations, I'm so pleased how quickly someone answers the phone and immediately will go into action to help. Each time I've phoned the person on the other end has been very nice and understanding as well (for example, a radiator leaking is probably not serious but he kindly took it as such and because someone came out that evening, two leaks on the boiler were found and later fixed).  


Also, I LOVE that for each appointment you send a notice when the technician is on his way, and then following we receive photos and written report on what was done, what needs to be done, etc.  So helpful and organized.  And makes me feel you are also taking a vested interest in my home, which is comforting.


Technicians have all been professional and courteous.  From Tim providing us a quote and being understanding of our frustrated state with the previous boiler, to installation and then follow-ups - each technician has been great.  Even when at the tail end of a 12+hour day during the installation, both technicians did not outwardly show any frustration or exhaustion.   Everyone has been respectful of our home, time, etc.  And as noted earlier, they have also been extremely thorough, talking with me as a responsible homeowner (you'd be amazed at how condescending some service providers can be).   


I'm hopeful we don't have future major plumbing issues but if we do, and certainly for maintenance/smaller project needs, we'll definitely continue working with Pipe Works.



Thank you,


Katie & Alex

- Katie &. of West Orange, NJ
Friday, December 22nd
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