Ductless mini-splits are ideal solutions for keeping new rooms comfortable. When it is not feasible to extend your current duct system to a new room, ductless mini-splits can help control the temperature. Mini-splits have two main parts connected with a conduit. These are the indoor air-conditioning unit and the outdoor compressor. There can be as many as four indoor units that are all connected to the compressor. A great benefit of a mini split is its small size. This lets you install them without taking up much space while still effectively controlling the temperature of the room. Each unit has its thermostat so that you can turn them off when you leave the room, allowing you to save energy and money. Ductless mini-splits are also easy to install. A three-inch hole through a wall is all that is needed to connect the unit to the outdoor compressor. The compressor can be as far as 50 feet away from the building and still be effective. This can allow you to cool rooms on opposite sides of a building with just one installation. Another advantage of mini splits is that there is no chance of air leaking through ductwork. This type of air loss in standard air systems can account for up to 30 percent of conditioned air being lost. With ductless mini-splits, all the air you pay for goes directly to its destination. Mini-splits are also very versatile and can be installed in several ways. They can be hung on walls or suspended from ceilings. Floor-standing models are also available. Many of them also come with remote controls to make it easier to turn them on and off. If you have any questions about how to get a professional installation of ductless mini splits, please contact Pipe Works Services today. We have been helping people in the New Jersey area with all of their plumbing, heating, and cooling needs for over a decade. Our goal is to help educate our customers about energy and home comfort issues (specific to HVAC systems). For more information, click here to download our free Home Comfort Resource guide. Pipe Works Services serves Chatham, NJ, and the surrounding areas. To get started, check out our website.

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