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Air Conditioning Case Studies: Air Conditioning Diagnostic and Installation in Summit, NJ

Friday, July 21st, 2017 by Jonathan Schulter


A new customer in Summit, NJ called into Pipe Works Services and said the drip tray underneath her unit was full and also was extremely clogged. There was about 3" of water in the overflow pan in the attic and no overflow safety switch. The refrigerant pressures were also a bit high.


Pipe Works Services technicians Zach and Alan removed water from the secondary pan, installed a safety overflow switch, and cleared out the condensate drain line. They flushed it out with bleach and water to ensure proper flow. Zach also added a 90 elbow on the end of the line to help water travelding down the base of the unit. They also replaced a customer supplied air filter which needs to be done once a year. 

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