Work Requests in Chatham

Pipe Works Services, Inc. is dedicated to helping our community by always providing exceptional customer service, quality craftsmanship, and reliable products. It's how we've built our reputation for excellence in Chatham. Learn more about Pipe Works Services, Inc.'s recent work requests in Chatham and nearby areas!

Learn more about Pipe Works Services, Inc.'S recent work requests in Chatham, NJ
Vicinity of Beech Court in Chatham
Cold bedroom. Differs radically from the rest of the house.
Vicinity of Dellwood Avenue in Chatham
Would like to discuss your audit process to better understand before signing up.
Vicinity of N Summit Ave in Chatham
Our toilet does not flush completely and even after several flushes not everything clears the toilet.
Vicinity of Riveredge Dr in Chatham
AC is dripping water. I believe the tray is clogged. Furnace still works and cool the air Would like to have a visit from you if possible. Please contact me 973-960-8707. Thanks
Vicinity of Fairmount Ave in Chatham
Pipeworks installed totally new system 1 year ago. Ac was working - now thermostat display is blank and AC won't turn on. Have tried connecting / reconnecting. Checked circuit breakers.
Vicinity of Yarmouth Rd in Chatham
1941 Cape with no AC. Heat is radiators and baseboards. Would like to put in ducltless ac.
Vicinity of Stonewyck Dr in Chatham
We just bought a house that has three seperate thermostats. There is a heating on onthe ground floor, then a heatingand anA/C one onsecond floor. We would like tosee if can possibly combine or witelessly link? wehave previously used Nest thermostats.
Vicinity of Maple Street in Chatham
No hot water. Tank leaking on bottom and leak put out the pilot.
Vicinity of Woodland Road in Chatham
The drainage pipes on the outside of the house where the sump pump empties appears to be backed up. I am getting large puddles on water in yard by the house.
Vicinity of Elmwood Ave in Chatham
Hot water heater making noise. Based on my research I feel the hot water heater needs to be flushed.
Vicinity of Meadow Road in Chatham
I am having a french drain put in my basement. the gas dryer does not have its own shutoff valve, I will have to shut the gas off for tar entire house so they can move the dryer, Can you put a cap on the dryer and then install a gas shutoff valve.
Vicinity of Jensen Ct in Chatham
Sump pump in basement stopped working and triggered alarm.
Vicinity of WOODLAND RD in Chatham
Vicinity of Essex Road in Chatham
Insulation for an addition.
Vicinity of Forest Street in Chatham
Hide TV / Cable wires in family room so that not exposed.
Vicinity of River Road in Chatham
One room is colder due to missing insulation on the other wall below the window (most probably since the window is newer and contractor never added insulation)
Vicinity of Edgehill Ave. in Chatham
Kitchen sink sprayer diverter does not work properly.
Vicinity of Myrtle Avenue in Chatham
My furnace needs to be cleaned and its pilot sometimes goes out and is difficult to restart. Also, the remote ignition pilot for the gas burner in my fireplace needs to be replaced. Thank you.
Vicinity of Minton Ave in Chatham
My elderly mother who resides at the above address needs repair or replacement of her furnace. Additional information: Service Type: Heating Preferred Appointment Date: Select Date Alternative Appointment Date: Select Date Preferred Method Of Contact: Email
Vicinity of Minton Ave in Chatham
Need my elderly moms furnace fixed and would like an estimate. I would like to know dates and timeslots available for an appointment. Thank You
Vicinity of Cypress Rd in Chatham
Looking to price out a home standby generator.
Vicinity of Parkview Rd in Chatham
Looking for a ductless wall unit a/c for a room in house. Also have a unit to remove
Vicinity of Main Street in Chatham
I am with JAG Physical Therapy in Chatham. Our lease requires a service contract for our HVAC. We have 3 roof-top units. Do you offer a service contract for businesses? My email is above and that number is the office line.
Vicinity of Thornley Drive in Chatham
Need to set up fall inspection
Vicinity of Terrace Drive in Chatham
Request a quote to replace gas heat/electric ac unit
Vicinity of Yarmouth Rd in Chatham
Hot water shut off valve in basement is broken and leaking water. I turned water off so we have no water in upstairs shower. (While you are here I would like to take advantage of $99 drain cleaning in my kitchen!) Thank you, Julia
Vicinity of Southern Blvd in Chatham
Replace central ac
Vicinity of Parrott Mill Road in Chatham
I need a quotation for a new air conditioning system. My current system is dated, using obsolete freon.
Vicinity of Rolling Hill Dr in Chatham
Water conditioner
Vicinity of Fairmount Ave in Chatham
Hard water issues
Vicinity of in Chatham
Kitchen sink drain clogged- water sitting in sink
Vicinity of Colonial Way in Chatham
Water heater maintenance service
Vicinity of RIVEREDGE DR in Chatham
Vicinity of Minton Ave in Chatham
Looking for quotes to remove and replace gas steam boiler
Vicinity of Fairmount in Chatham
Looking for a while house water filter with minimal maintenance
Vicinity of Watchung Avenue in Chatham
Looking to get estimate on insulation - have a back den that gets very cold/hot (doesn't have air duct or radiator, was a converted porch) and interested in how we can make it more comfortable
Vicinity of Coleman Ave East in Chatham
We are hoping to have someone out ASAP for the following: - drain/sewer cleaning (some trouble with slow draining sinks and toilets needing plunging so want to get cleaning done before there is a full back up) - repair undermounted sink that has broken lose from vanity - provide estimate / installation of utility sink in laundry room Email is the best way to reach me. Thank you!
Vicinity of Red Road in Chatham
We just moved into this home in Chatham, NJ and we would like an energy audit to see where in the house we need to further insulate. If possible, we'd love someone to come over with the next week or two so we can address the insulation issues and then begin painting. Thanks!
Vicinity of Center Avenue in Chatham
I am overdue (oops!) for my annual A/C service and generator tune-up. I also noticed the generator did not start when the power went out this morning. I checked and there was an error code "MainPwrOverL" on the panel. In looking at the owners' manual, it indicates that requires service by a qualified technician - hence the reason for me reaching out to you! If we can get something scheduled for this week (week of 8/22/16), that would be great. Thanks!
Vicinity of Fuller in Chatham
Need the sewer line cleared of roots and would like to get an estimate for having a liner installed.
Vicinity of Pine St in Chatham
Looking for promo 24 month finance @0%
Vicinity of Glenmere Drive in Chatham
Upstairs AC not turning on. Fan doesn't seem to be working either
Vicinity of Stonewyck Drive in Chatham
We have a clogged drain in basement. Would like a quote for service tonight
Vicinity of Meadow Road in Chatham
Attic insulation options and quote...thx
Vicinity of Joseph Street in Chatham
Clog/Slow drain in shower
Vicinity of Main Street in Chatham
Hi, I would like to have a toilet replaced (and have the old one taken away). New toilet has already been purchased. Replacing Kohler Wellworth with Toto Drake. Standard 12" rough-in. What would you estimate the cost of this job to be? Thanks.
Vicinity of Lisa in Chatham
Looking for attic insulation, have 2nd HVAC system located up there with all sorts of duct work and pipes running to various rooms on the 2nd floor ceiling (through holes cut into floor of attic). Also have various wires and speakers to be careful not to break during install. I may have you look at the attic portion of the garage as well...If I like the approach, the solution, and the price, I will do this job immediately...
Vicinity of Terrace Drive in Chatham
Need water heater replacement quote.
Vicinity of Robin Hood Lane in Chatham
We were told there is mice in our attic space and the insulation materials there has all be infested and no longer working. We are in the process of getting quotes to remove, disinfect, seal off any cracks and holes that the mice are coming in, and put in new insulation that has no health hazards. We also would like to get a energy audit for the house. We just bought and moved here during July. Would like to start work as soon as possible when we find the right contractor. Please call soon to schedule appointment. Thanks!
Vicinity of in Chatham
Hi water was leaking from shower spout. I took out the cartridge but could not find the replacement since it is old. then for replacing the shower faucet valve body with new one, Can I ask how much you charge? Please email .. thank you
Vicinity of Westminster Rd in Chatham
My hot water heater is leaking on bottom, please have someone come to look at it. I think it needs replacing. Can someone come soon?
Vicinity of Fairmount in Chatham
Considering getting a gas generator for emergency power
Vicinity of Whitman Drive in Chatham
Leaky hot water heater
Vicinity of in Chatham
Bryant AC blows out air but the air that comes out is not very cold. Please provide me with a service repair quote as soon as possible. Thank you very much.
Vicinity of Huron Drive in Chatham
Want to get an estimate of central air replacement
Vicinity of Weston Avenue in Chatham
1. Clear out very clogged drain in kitchen sink and fix leaky trap below 2. Replace old kitchen sink with new (but not pricey) single-bowl stainless steel drop-in sink 3. Replace single-handle kitchen faucet with new (not pricey) faucet 4. Tighten loose powder room toilet 5. Fix low hot- and low cold-water pressure at bathroom sink 6. Adjust/repair shower divertor to ensure flow to bathroom tub 7. Replace toilet lever/flapper
Vicinity of Woodmont Drive in Chatham
Kitchen sink/disposal is backed up.
Vicinity of Jackson Ave in Chatham
The outside spigot is leaking and needs fixed today or tomorrow. IAlso have a toilet whose "flapper" is not closing and the toilet continues to run.
Vicinity of Watchung Avenue in Chatham
We would like to install Central A/C and wonder if you would be able to stop by and provide an estimate. We have forced hot water heat.
Vicinity of Candace Lane in Chatham
Need to replace/upgrade the insulation in the attic space.
Vicinity of Terrace Dr in Chatham
Cost to replace 40 gallon gas hot water heater
Vicinity of Van Houton in Chatham
Houton water heating system is making the room too hot. Want to insulate copper piping.
Vicinity of Tallmadge Ave in Chatham
Basement insulation upgrade estimate.
Vicinity of Van Doren Ave in Chatham
I would like a spray foam quote for a an uninsulated crawl space under a 1st floor bathroom thanks
Vicinity of Sandy Hill in Chatham
Shower handle leaking through shower push button mechanism on delta one handle faucet. Also, have an everpure water filtration system in kitchen. The faucet drips.
Vicinity of FAIRMOUNT AVENUE in Chatham
I am interested in having an energy audit done at my home.
Vicinity of Hilltop Terrace in Chatham
Want to replace a Moen single handle pull out kitchen faucet. (Chrome, no escutcheon).
Vicinity of Meyersville Rd in Chatham
Interested in a quote for attic insulation
Vicinity of Hillside Ave in Chatham
Worried about quality of attic insulation - heat loss.
Vicinity of Meadowbrook Rd in Chatham
Attic insulation estimate.
Vicinity of - in Chatham
I am looking for an estimate for an A/C tuneup service.
Vicinity of North Hillside Ave in Chatham
My apartment has only 1 bathroom and I ma having troubles with the tub. the water does not go down fast enough. When I am taking a shower or giving my baby a bath the water will not go down until minutes after we have finish the bath
Vicinity of Dempster Road in Chatham
1) Replacement of water heater in basement (currently 40 gallon, though we'd like to see if we have room to install a 50-gallon); 2) Replacement of hot/cold faucet handles in second-floor bathroom (new stems needed for handles -- we already bought new handles). 3) Replace kitchen sink faucet (we will buy faucet for installation).
Vicinity of Hedges Ave in Chatham
I would like an estimate for AC installation. Currently, I do not have AC or ductwork.
Vicinity of Sunset Dr in Chatham
The bath sink, water runs very slow