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Furnace Service - Customer without Heat in Chatham, NJ

Customer without Heat in Chatham, NJ
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Customer states having no heat. Upon arrival set nest stat to call for heat. Blower is on downstairs. Removed access door along with blower compartment door. Jumped out r and w and manages to get heat to turn on and stay on. Allowed time delay on nest stat to cycle and heat came on. Tested inlet and manifold gas pressure and they are within manufacturer specs. Goes through sequence of operation. Reproduced error code 3 flashes indicating pressure switch, roll out switch , or aux limit switch open with inducer on. Checked roll outs checked High limit as heat exchanger. Cycled heat again tested inducer draft and withing specs to close pressure switch. Pressure switch closes when inducer is on. When system is attempting to go into high fire high pressure switch appears to malfunction clicks several times and eventually closes. Did this about two times and then could not replicate issue to further troubleshoot.