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Furnace Service - New Inducer Installed in Madison, NJ

New Inducer Installed in Madison, NJ
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Shut power off to furnace. Remove inducer motor housing along with all pneumatic tubing and hoses. Also removed collector box for condensate trap. Ensured this is clean. Also ensured condensate pump is working. Removed ecm inducer motor along with a pressure switches and all wiring. Removed flame rod and igniter. Installed new OEM upgraded ecm inducer motor and housing. All new pneumatic tubing to corresponding location as per manufacturer specs. Install new pressure switches with new pressure switch relocation bracket as per new inducer motor. Installed new inducer motor wiring harness and rewired pressure switches accordingly. Installed new flame rod and igniter. Turned unit on and tested for proper function. Performed combustion analysis and all is withing safe manufacturer specs. Blower motor pulling correct amperage. All safeties and limits working correctly. Control circuit board and all electrical components working correctly.