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Furnace Service - Surge Protector on HVAC Equipment in South Orange, NJ

Surge Protector on HVAC Equipment in South Orange, NJ
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Provide customer for estimate on surge protector for HVAC equipment and Outdoor condensing unit. Upon discussion with customer he has told me that he experience light dimming here and there when certain electrical appliances turn on such as refrigerator, condenser, and sometimes furnace. He would like an estimate for surge protector on condenser and furnace being that he has had surges and that potentially took out new electronic board and sensitive components within HVAC equipment. I advice customer that I will provide him with these estimates for such applications however he should have Licensed Electrician inspect panel for proper grounding, proper size amp breaker for appliances, and proper wiring and breaker function. As an electrician will be better suited to determine if there’s an issue with the electrical panel and or wiring to unit. Surge protectors are still encouraged as they can protect these sensitive components within furnace and condenser from unexpected power surges and outages.