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Furnace Service - Heating Maintenance in Madison, NJ

Heating Maintenance in Madison, NJ
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Performed heating maintenance on furnace in basement. While performing combustion analysis, found the CO ppm in the flue above 200. Shut off furnace and spoke to customer about the dangers of that, he asked to retest. Re-performed combustion analysis, with same results. Explain to customer the different reasons that the CO levels would be as high as they are in the flue and discussed ways to try and fix this. Also informed customer furnace was 31 years old. He opted to have the burners cleaned and re-test system. Explained that we will perform the cleaning but it was not guaranteed to work. Shut off system, removed pilot assembly, removed and cleaned burners and vacuumed out the heat exchanger of all debris on the bottom of it underneath the burners. Reinstalled burners, fired up the furnace and re-performed combustion analysis. Shut off analyzer when ppm reached over 300 in the flue. Informed customer that due to age and safety concerns furnace should be replaced. Shut off safety switch, gas and disconnected 24 V to furnace so it will not fire, we will be out this afternoon to “a new furnace