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Furnace Service - Loud Humming Noise from Furnace in Summit, NJ

Loud Humming Noise from Furnace in Summit, NJ
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Upon completion of diagnosis customer not home. Customer states they had a very loud high pitched humming noise coming from furnace. Upon arrival system was off. Turned system on and allowed thermostat to call for heat. When system ran found air filter not fully down on filter cabinet tracks. This was producing a high pitched whistle noise but not what customer reported. Performed further test on furnace component. Inducer motor and blower motor are pulling correct amperage. System appears to be working properly at this time. Tested humidifier found bypass damper on humidifier closed and found valve to humidifier off as well. Turned valve on and opened damper , allowed humidifier to run. Also had furnace running for close to half hour and performed several test. Not able to replicate any issues or odd noises at this time.