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Furnace Service - Heat Pump and Thermostat in Maplewood, NJ

Heat Pump and Thermostat in Maplewood, NJ
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Customer states she has no heat. Upon inspection and speaking to customer the area where she’s experiencing no heat is in an addition space by master bedroom, the area is being controlled by a heat pump system manufacture Fujitsu, it’s not the radiant system. Upon looking around home found that outdoor unit is located underneath the deck and indoor unit is located in a attic space by porch access, thermostat experiencing an error code EE on unit, due to such late time of the day I’m unable to reach manufacture Fujitsu to troubleshoot and identify source of problem, I advice customer will have to return when we can contact Fujitsu and have better access to outdoor unit. Service applies on next visit. As we were unable to do anything today for them.