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Furnace Service - Heat Turning On and Off in Hackettstown, NJ

Heat Turning On and Off in Hackettstown, NJ
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Customer states his heat is intermittent. Upon arrival customer stated that his heat has been working fine since yesterday but wanted to have system looked at. Upon diagnosis turned heat on and allowed system to run. Performed combustion analysis and verify proper CO levels, co ppm was below 15 ppm. Also asked customer when was the last time he changed his filter, current filter is 1” and it has not been change in a year. I advised customer these filters should be changed every 2-3 months, further testing found temp rise on unit high with a supply temp of 155 and a return of 75 that’s an 80 degree temp rise, 5 degree above manufacture recommended temp rise. Unit is most likely going off on high limit causing it to shut down then re cycle.