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Furnace Service - Blower Motor Creating Bad Smell in Chatham, NJ

Blower Motor Creating Bad Smell in Chatham, NJ
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Customer states they smell a burning smell from unit in attic. Upon diagnosis found that blower motor is drawing high amperage upon start up, this could lead to a failed and or seized motor thus creating a smell, customer recycle power which made system restart itself and motor is now running however at start up it sounds extremely rough and draw above manufacture recommended amperage, also primary drain line is partially clogged. System as a custom made pan by Pipeworks that’s currently tied into a drain system. Upon discussion with customer i established that repairs cost to this unit would no be beneficial, however I will present option to repair but customer is leaning more towards a replacement after our discussion, also please be advice that current system is a 90% in an attic with no insulation and prone to freezing, customer is also interested in potentially replacing with an 80% and installing double wall B vent piping, as cost to insulate are too great.