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Furnace Service - Reducing Valve Broke in Madison, NJ

Reducing Valve Broke in Madison, NJ
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Customer states they have no heat. Customer says they where attempting to purge air from system and next morning water leaks from boiler. 

Upon arrival found reducing valve not functioning not feeding fresh water into hot water boiler. It appears the boiler has ran dry and possibly compromised cast of boiler. 

This boiler has no low water cut off safety device. also has no air eliminating device. No rollout safety limit on burners or flue draft. 

Found circulator pumps not working properly. 

Also found safety relief valve has been dripping. Expansion tank also seems water logged and air vent is leaking and has caused rust on boiler piping. 

This unit dates back to 1984 or older serial code. Advised customer due to age and problems replacement is needed. Due to boiler running without water there is a high chance that when repairs are made and boiler is filled cast iron can be cracked and boiler ultimately will b condemned.