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Furnace Service - Deep Cleaning in West Orange, NJ

Deep Cleaning in West Orange, NJ
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Customer states she’s unsure what previous tech was trying to explain, and or why did she need a deep cleaning done. Upon arrival to home found that homeowner pointed out that sight glass was full of water, also she stated that newly installed steam boiler by Pipe works had an automatic water feeder from previous boiler, I asked customer if she has a maintenance done to system and she stated she did we came out and perform a heating PSA back in October, I also noticed that she was draining water from return pipe as this is what she was told to do. Sight glass was clogged causing improper sight glass reading for water eleven, also VxT water feeder was displaying over 900 gallons of water I believe this was not reset when new boiler was put it since that is a excessive amount for a 1 year old boiler system. Also I moved hose and showed customer where to properly remove water from boiler from and how much, Once these things were done boiler is operating properly. Also re set gallons on feeder to properly monitor water inlet, I will be providing estimate on feeder replacement as it could potentially be letting a small amount of water thru over filing boiler.