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Furnace Service - Spark Igniter Installed in Chatham, NJ

Spark Igniter Installed in Chatham, NJ
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Installed new OEM spark igniter electrode and flame proving device assembly and wiring into control board. Upon completion tested heating off proper function. Will reiterate that inducer draft motor is pulling high amp and should b replaced as well. Also notice this is a 90% unit which condensates. PVC exhaust piping in attic is insulated. But unit itself will condensate and attic roof has no insulation. Only insulation present is insulation at floor. It is fiberglass insulation which is known to not insulate well. With an HVAC unit in the attic strongly advised on insulating roof in attic and walls as issues are bound to occur. Also on the way out noticed heat did not turn on when stat called for heat. Went upstairs and found error on control board stating pressure switch is open performed several tests and issue is intermittent hard to diagnose due to non being consistent but if issue occurs in future we will need to replace inducer and pressure switch.