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Furnace Service - Failed Blower Motor in Summit, NJ

Failed Blower Motor in Summit, NJ
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Customer states heat has stopped working for the first floor also basement. Upon further inspection found furnace in basement in a lock out. High limit has opened. Found very dirty air filter. Advised customer this 1” filter needs to be inspected every 30 days and replaced as needed usually every 30-60 days. In combination with air filter found locked blower motor. Spun wheel by hand and noticed extremely difficult to turn. Blower motor bearing has failed internally. Also found weak ignition components manufacturers recommend replacing every 4-6 years and this unit is from 2011 with original components. Advised customer on different options on making repair. Customer chose silver option which includes air movement system renovations and ignition components renovation. Ran to our carrier distributor. Obtained OEM blower motor along with blower wheel. Also obtained voltage absorption component and hot surface igniter and flame proving device. Installed all components and tested for proper function. Furnace is heating properly at this time. Also customer has a unit in attic from 2008 found weak ignition components on this furnace as well. Replaced hot surface igniter along with flame proving device. Tested upon completion attic unit heating properly at this time. Customer also looking to make one room warmer and also make home more energy efficient. Will have office set up designs specialist to quote possible re insulation in home