If you have an aging heat pump, you may be trying to squeeze as much out of it as you can before replacing it. We don’t blame you; home comfort equipment is expensive. But if you have heat pump problems, you may be costing yourself more than you realize. A heat pump expert can help you assess the condition of your equipment, find the problems and determine whether you should repair or replace it.

You can, however, do some homework on your own and possibly even make the repairs yourself. Here are some typical heat pump problems:

Doesn’t kick on – The unit might simply need to be reset. Check your owner’s manual or call the company that installed it to see how to perform a reset. If this doesn’t work, there may be a blown fuse, tripped breaker, or a thermostat malfunction.

Doesn’t heat or cool properly – Check the thermostat settings, open the vent registers and change the air filter. If you haven’t had annual service performed on the unit this year, clean the outside condenser coils. If this doesn’t get the job done, you need a contractor to check your blower and the system’s air balance.

Constantly freezes up – Replace the filter and check that none of the return registers are blocked. If there are no problems with the airflow, it may mean that parts of your system are drawing too much energy.

Turning on and off too frequently – A clogged filter, blower problem or faulty thermostat can cause inconsistent cycling. This wastes significant energy and drains efficiency from your system, so the problem needs to be found and fixed as soon as possible.

There’s too much noise – Squealing and grinding noises often indicate a severe problem with the motor’s bearings. Call a contractor immediately because these issues result in big problems if left unchecked. Rattling noises are usually from a loose part or poor ductwork. They’re not as severe but should still be addressed quickly.

If you have heat pump problems, contact Pipe Works Services. We’ve been providing excellent HVAC service to Morris, Union, Somerset, and Essex counties for well over a decade. Our goal is to help educate our customers in Chatham, NJ, and surrounding areas about energy and home comfort issues (specific to HVAC systems).

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