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Heating Case Studies: Discolored PVC Furnace Exhaust Pipe, in Cedar Grove, New Jersey

Tuesday, February 20th, 2018 by Ellen Cagnassola
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Our plumber Nick was called to a home in Cedar Grove, New Jersey to inspect a high efficiency furnace pipe. The intake air pipe was white while the exhaust pipe was a noticeably darker color.


The reason that the pipe on the left is a darker color is because PVC is not specifically made as an exhaust pipe for a high efficiency unit. If your furnace is not running correctly you may notice this discoloration as it starts do break down the PVC. The results can create to a hole or cause the pipe to become disconnected. This allows carbon monoxide to pump though your house. The best solution is installed a Innoflue a (gray colored) pipe that stands up to the heat and is safe for your home. Innoflue is specifically made for the venting of high efficiency units and they stand behind this claim, whereas PVC is not.

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