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Heating - Hot Water Boiler Crown Aruba Install in Short Hills, NJ

Hot Water Boiler Crown Aruba Install in Short Hills, NJ
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140,000 BTU Crown Aruba 3-Zone Hot Water Boiler
New Digital Electronic Thermostat
3 New Zone Valves 
New Emergency Electrical Shut Off Switch
New Emergency Gas Shut Off
New Low Water Safety Device
New Flue Pipe to Chimney
New Circulator Pump 
New Emergency Water Shut Off
New Expansion Tank
New Backflow Preventer
New Advanced Micro Bubble Separator (Gives you a permanently air-free system, increases component life, maintenance free, and reduces oxygen-based corrosion and pump cavitation)

Please be aware that the way in which masonry chimney is constructed has a direct effect on whether or not a liner can be installed in a chimney. The interiors of chimneys can have offsets and jagged edges that can obstruct the liner installation. Unfortunately, until our installers actually attempt the installation, we cannot make a determination as to whether or not the liner will fit. We will make every effort to install the liner as planned. However, in the event a problem arises, we will immediately bring it to your attention and we will need to decide alternative solutions at that time. Pipe Works Services assumes no liability for masonry chimneys.

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