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Heating - Combustion Analysis in New Vernon, NJ

Combustion Analysis in New Vernon, NJ
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Perform heating PSA on 2 attic units.for both units checked control board along with blower motor and all electrical components. All are within manufacturer specs. Also tested sequence of operations and checked all safeties and limits. All are working properly at this time. Performed combustion analysis on both units and all is withing safe manufacturer specs during this time. Units are both 2 years of age and are working correctly during this time. Both air filters are clean Perform heating PSA on unit in basement controlled by ecobee stat. Air filter in clean condition, electrical components inspected found inducer motor pulling high amperage indicating that it is failing and on its way out. Also found flame proving device sensing low flame current even after cleaning. Ignition components need replacing this is an all in one spark igniter and flame proving device into ignition control module. Will provide pricing for inducer motor and spark igniter. Recommend replacement of furnace due to age of system being 25 years old

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