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Heating - Thermostat Call in Bernardsville, NJ

Thermostat Call in Bernardsville, NJ
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Customer states having no heat on furnace. Upon arrival set thermostat to call for heat for original part of home controlled by furnace in shop area. Furnace would fire and run for 5-10 seconds and shut off. Emergency shut off switch next to furnace did not shut power off to unit. Had to kill power at breaker panel in garage to troubleshoot. Found failing ignition components causing furnace to do what it’s doing. Cleaned flame proving device as best as possible and furnace no stays on for about 45 seconds or so. Also found many other components worn and there can possibly be more issues. In the 45 seconds period of this system running combustion analyzer read a high of 61 ppm of CO. advised customer if this rises above 100 ppm when repairs are made to get furnace running due to age it should be replaced. Cannot further evaluate system until ignition components are addressed will provide pricing via email. Spoke with customer on phone and advised on options including replacement. He is looking to replace full system in the spring Rob has previously quoted him a price to perform that work. Advised customer will allow 5 to make decisions as diagnostic fee cannot be waived after that. If he chooses to go with repairs we will waive today’s fee. But also advised once these parts are replaced there can be other unforeseen issues with this very old system. Also advised not recommended to continue to run system as I cannot determine how safe it is without further evaluation.

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