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Heating - Uneven Zones in the Home in Whippany, NJ

Uneven Zones in the Home in Whippany, NJ
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Customer states he is having issues with zones for heating system. 2 zone system and he is always getting heat to zone controlling rest of home when furnace runs. After inspection found damper for zone 1 which is the rest of the home unwired and damper in the open position. Zone 2 damper heating just the master bedroom is wired in and opening and closing on demand from stat. Advised customer of situation and also options on next course of action. Unit is very old and antiquated from 1987 beyond life expectancy. Also unit has short cycled multiple times during diagnosis of issue. Advised customer a replacement is strongly advised as a solution to his current issue doesn’t guarantee prolonged longevity of furnace and hvac equipment. Customer decided to proceed with proposed option which entails rewiring zone 1 damper to zone control panel. Once all is rewired tested damper. Damper is closing and opening on demand. When zone 1 damper for rest of home is closed and master bedroom calls for heat high limit on furnace trips within 5 minutes. Design of duct work and single stage furnace along with other issues will not allow furnace to run and perform properly if zone 1 is closed. Due to age of equipment this system cannot be zoned as desired as improper airflow and other variables are present. Advised customer and wishes to obtain pricing for new system from design specialist. Will have office confirm appointment to get design specialist out to provide pricing.

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