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Boiler Cleaning in Chatham, NJ
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Added two fernox cleaner cans to the system before adding the Alphi-11 anti-freeze. Cleaner was ran through system for 4 hours. After cleaner was ran the entire system was flushed and purged of the cleaner and air. Before adding the anti-freeze a new main circulation pump was added to the system for better heat distribution. Once pump was installed the system was purged of air and prepped to anti-freeze. Two containers of Alphi-11 anti-freeze was added to her system. All zones where turned on to circulate anti-freeze through entire system. System was then checked for anti-freeze percentage. System was left a little above 25%. The manufacturer is calling for 30% but the system needs to be run for a few hours to reach normal levels. We will need to return to check on system again to see if we’ll need to add more anti-freeze to the system.

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