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Heating - Lennox Steam Humidifier Install in Florham Park, NJ

Lennox Steam Humidifier Install in Florham Park, NJ
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Return to perform steam Humidifier Install. Proceeded to removing old model 600 bypass Humidifier, remove and dispose of old Humidifier, isolated water line, and low voltage wires. Upon inspection of HVAC system found that customer has a SLP98 Lennox Furnace with a harmony zoning system, this particular furnace has the ability to control humidity from the thermostat itself, I will be using this method for better humidity control in the home, I will wire in the H and C terminals on the furnace board to a wet to dry contact relay and to Humidifier. Installed water line to new Humidifier with inline filter, installed drain down to French drain system which leads to sump pump, and installed steam hose into system supply plenum. Electrician installed power cut off disconnect and wired to line voltage Humidifier. HVAC tech wired low voltage terminal from 24v coil relay to Humidifier. Set thermostat accordingly and showed customer how to work humidity control from thermostat. Humidifier operating properly.

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