SEER, or Seasonal Energy Efficiency Ratio, is a rating that describes how efficiently your central air conditioner performs. A high-efficiency A/C – one sporting a SEER of 16 or higher – is capable of keeping your home comfortable while consuming less electricity.

The only problem with relying on SEER numbers alone is that installation and/or maintenance errors can prevent your A/C from living up to its potential. Here are four remedies that may help you get more out of your high-efficiency A/C.

Improve airflow

Proper airflow (about 400 cm per ton of cooling capacity) is necessary for the desired temperature change to take place. If it seems as though the air coming out of supply registers isn’t moving fast enough, contact a quality contractor who can perform the following tasks:

  • Resize the ductwork
  • Redesign a more efficient ductwork layout
  • Recommend new grilles
  • Inspect the air handler and outdoor equipment to ensure compatibility

Recharge the system

An incorrect refrigerant charge during installation or a leak that develops over time can impact efficiency. Just a few ounces off and your high-efficiency A/C could perform the same as a mediocre air conditioner. Make sure the installer uses the precise amount of refrigerant recommended for your new A/C. And then when you schedule preventative maintenance, ask the technician to double-check the charge, fix leaks, and recharge the system if necessary.

Seal leaky ducts

Duct leaks in the average home can reduce cooling capacity by 35 percent. By hiring a contractor to seal and insulate the ductwork, your high-efficiency A/C can perform at the level it’s truly capable of.

Size the system correctly

Many systems are oversized on purpose to ensure comfort when the temperature climbs outside. However, an oversized system is less efficient, can’t remove humidity effectively, and breaks down sooner due to excess wear and tear from frequent cycles. The only way to remedy a poorly sized system is to wait until it’s time to make a replacement. Then, make sure you choose a contractor who uses dependable sizing methods instead of rules of thumb.

For more information about getting the most from your high-efficiency A/C, please contact us at Pipe Works Services in Chatham today.

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