You probably already know how important preventive maintenance is to keep your home heating and cooling equipment running effectively and efficiently. An annual pre-season inspection and tune-up ensure your furnace, heat pump, or A/C is kept in the best possible working condition, and that small problems are caught and fixed before they become major trouble.

You can improve the HVAC maintenance service you receive and make your technician’s job much easier by taking a few steps to prepare for the maintenance visit.

Assemble information: Gather as much information as possible about your HVAC system and any trouble you’ve been having with it. This information gives your technician useful technical specifics and will help them zero in on known problems. Get the equipment’s owner’s manuals, maintenance logs, and any other pertinent information out of your files, and have the particular appliance’s brand name and model number handy. Locate important components such as on/off switches, thermostats, and circuit breakers.

Do some simple tasks yourself: There are a few HVAC maintenance tasks that you can do yourself. If you take care of these before your appointment, your technician will have more time to focus on important technical and safety aspects. You can perform tasks such as changing the unit’s air filters, cleaning registers, and vents and cleaning the air blower and fan.

Clear the way: Make sure there’s enough space around the unit for the technician to comfortably work. Remove obstructions such as boxes, furniture, and other items so that the technician can move around freely and keep his tools where he can reach them easily.

Check and confirm: Call to confirm your HVAC maintenance appointment the day before the service call is scheduled. Make sure an adult over 18 is available to let the technician into your home and that payment arrangements have been made.

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