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Indoor Air Quality - Dehumidifier in Chatham, NJ

Dehumidifier in Chatham, NJ
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Current dehumidifier is an Aprilaire approx 3 years old, dehumidifier showed E4 error code upon arrival, asses filter housing for obstruction and found none, E4 is usually a refrigerant issue and or compressor failure, re set code and ran dehumidifier thru it’s cycle, went thru air sampling once it read RH in air it started compressor, ran for 15 min with no issue, unless E4 presents itself Aprilaire manufacture can not verify issue, advice customer to monitor dehumidifier if E4 arises again we will return to speak to Aprilaire and asses situation, this dehumidifier is still under warranty thru Aprilaire which means if an E4 error codes preside they will most likely provide a whole new dehumidifier, in which case customer will have new dehumidifier under warranty, however labor is cover for a Period of 1 year only thru Pipe works on Indoor Air Quality products, an estimate for labor will be provided today. Customer to please keep an eye on dehumidifier and alert us of any E4 error codes it may present.