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Indoor Air Quality - Malfunctioning Humidifier in Chatham ,NJ

Malfunctioning Humidifier in Chatham ,NJ
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Customer states Humidifier never worked right and needs repairs. Upon diagnosis found multiple issues with Humidifier, humidifier is currently installed in an unconditioned space where freezing temperature can occur this is something that the manufacture prohibits, drain pipe for Humidifier is broken, also plastic tubing was used when directions clearly states to use copper tubing ONLY, furthermore humidistat mounting location is incorrect it’s currently mounted on a 2x6 above the Humidifier it’s not reading RH% in duct nor in rooms trying to provide humidity too. Also in a horizontal mounted position Humidifier should be mounted on supply side of system and not return side of system as this leave no rooms for proper humidistat mounting procedures. Customer Humidifier in attic was not installed properly, i advice to have system design specialists to come out and provide customer with options to properly humidity second floor at the same time as potentially insulating the attic to provide a now and environment where freezing will not occur.