Humidity levels in your home are typically low during the winter heating season due to cold air being inherently dry and forced-air heating further removing moisture from the indoor air. This results in serious problems for you and your family.

Humidifiers – especially whole-house models – are the ideal choice to increase your home’s humidity level and keep dry air at bay. Dry Air Side Effects Dry air negatively affects your home’s comfort and reduces indoor air quality. It pulls moisture from your eyes, skin, throat, and lips, causing your body to feel the effects of dehydration. Common symptoms of dry air include itchy and dry throat and painful, cracked skin. Lower humidity levels also aggravate respiratory conditions and make the temperature in your home feel colder than it this. This in turn prompts you to turn the heat up, increasing your energy costs. Furthermore, dry air promotes the spread of the flu since the virus can stay viable in the air longer.

Benefits of a Humidifier Improved skin care – Dry air steals moisture from your eyes, throat, skin, and lips, leaving them feeling chapped and dry. Using a humidifier helps keep your skin healthy.

Reduction in static shock – Dry air creates the perfect environment for static electricity buildup, which can damage expensive electronic equipment such as computers and televisions. If you add moisture to the air, you will reduce the amount of static electricity in your home.

Better quality of sleep – The right humidity level will allow you to sleep more soundly at night.

Recover from the common cold more quickly – The proper amount of humidity in the air helps your body fight off colds more effectively.

Reduce the amount of dust in the air – Dry air causes dust to rise instead of settling on surfaces.

Improve air quality – When breathed in, dry air makes transferring oxygen to your blood system more difficult, which will result in you feeling tired, sick, and fatigued.

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