Work Requests in Morristown

Pipe Works Services, Inc. is dedicated to helping our community by always providing exceptional customer service, quality craftsmanship, and reliable products. It's how we've built our reputation for excellence in Morristown. Learn more about Pipe Works Services, Inc.'s recent work requests in Morristown and nearby areas!

Learn more about Pipe Works Services, Inc.'S recent work requests in Morristown, NJ
Vicinity of Cold Hill Rd in Morristown
Burst pipe
Vicinity of in Morristown
Back/front outside faucets won't turn off
Vicinity of Springbrook in Morristown
Freon recharge
Vicinity of Brandywine Terrace in Morristown
AC system in need of replacement (and possibly heating system as well)
Vicinity of Windmill Drive in Morristown
I have a sump pump in my crawl space that is working fine, but the above ground discharge pipe freezes in the winter. Wanting to reroute it so it goes underground and connects to the nearby storm drain. Less important, but the humidity in my crawl space gets to 70-80% sometimes... so open to suggestions on lowering that.
Vicinity of Whitney Farm Place in Morristown
Air conditioner compressor not kicking on
Vicinity of Whitney Farm Place in Morristown
Toilet water running
Vicinity of Center Ave in Morristown
Hi, We are looking for installation of electric baseboard heat in 1 room, and capping of a gas line that connects to our current vent-less gas heater that is heating the room. Thanks! Baker
Vicinity of Jenks Court in Morristown
Basement needs rodent proof gap filling and insulation, attic spaces need enhanced insulation.
Vicinity of Brookfield Way in Morristown
Air Conditioning unit was damaged by a tree and in need of repairs. Would like to receive a quote.
Vicinity of Maxine Drive in Morristown
Looking to install a water softener system (we have hard water) that is not salt based.
Vicinity of Fairfield Drive in Morristown
Garage insulation attic insulation cold spots
Vicinity of Craig Ct in Morristown
Hi, my boiler is not reaching thermostat temperature. Burners will run for 10-15 minutes and then shut off. Unit is old and probably needs to be replaced. Additional concern, small puddle under water heater, which most likely needs to be replaced as well. Please call me asap as getting fixed immediately is a concern.
Vicinity of Georgian Road in Morristown
Toilet leaking from tank. Can't remove the bolts that attach it to the back of the toilet. Additional information: Service Type: Plumbing Preferred Appointment Date: 12/21/2017 Preferred Appointment Time: 7am-10am Alternative Appointment Date: Select Date Preferred Method Of Contact: Call
Vicinity of Red Gate in Morristown
I believe I consume too much electricity but I don't know the cause and I think there is probably a way to reduce consumption
Vicinity of Colonial Drive in Morristown
Hello, we have a Soviet-era house with Soviet-era attic insulation, and would be thrilled if you could take a look and give us some options that would retain heat in the winter and cold air in the summer a bit better than we're experiencing now.
Vicinity of Whitney Farm Place in Morristown
Need to get quote on replacing a shower floor pan.
Vicinity of Egbert AVenue in Morristown
We are interested in installing a natural gas generator
Vicinity of Spring Valley Rd in Morristown
Want quote to supplement insulation in attic.
Vicinity of Mill Road in Morristown
We are currently under contract at 34 Mill Road in Morris Township, NJ. We would like to get a quote to get the sewer lines cleaned so that a sewer line inspection can be completed. Thanks, Jaclyn
Vicinity of Western Avenue in Morristown
I am buying the house from my slum landlord, but it is an old building and there is no heat installed. I need to install a heating system.
Vicinity of in Morristown
We are interested in getting a quote to install ductless AC in our house we currently use window AC units , our house is about 1400 square feet 3 floors
Vicinity of Ridgedale Ave in Morristown
Requesting a tune up for AC. Recently purchased townhouse. Please provide estimate. Additional information: Service Type: Air Conditioning Preferred Appointment Date: 07/24/2017 Preferred Appointment Time: 10am-1pm Alternative Appointment Date: 07/26/2017 Alternative Appointment Time: 7pm-9pm Preferred Method Of Contact: Text
Vicinity of Center Ave in Morristown
I have a current service plan I'm looking for the spring maintenance check up
Vicinity of Spring Valley Rd in Morristown
Need to schedule A/C system check.
Vicinity of Olyphant Drive in Morristown
I'm looking to change my heating system (steam heat) to a heat pump. May I have someone reach out to me please? I would like more information.
Vicinity of Miller Road in Morristown
Cold kitchen aging hot water heater
Vicinity of Sherman Place in Morristown
Hi. I have a leak from the main water line. Water is coming up from the ground onto the sidewalk. Interested in getting a trenchless repair.
Vicinity of Delaware Rd in Morristown
Looking to get a quote for insulating (most likely spray foam) a four season room.
Vicinity of Terry Drive in Morristown
Looking for an estimate on spray foam insulation in crawl space and attic.
Vicinity of Blue Mill Road in Morristown
I would like to get an estimate for installation of a ductless multi-split a/c unit in my home. Thanks!
Vicinity of Early St in Morristown
I have an old house (build 1886) with balloon framing and mostly lathe and plaster walls. No insulation in the walls and would like to get blown in insulation. I understand several holes are cut into the walls between the studs and insulation is blown in. I would like to know what the price is to just get the insulation blown in and I do the drywall patching vs your company doing both insulation and drywall patching (if you do both steps which I assume is the case typically?) Thanks very much, Brent
Vicinity of Red Gate in Morristown
Insulation ceiling
Vicinity of Kissel Lane in Morristown
Preparing for a kitchen renovation and need an estimate on converting our cook top to gas and relocating two HVAC ducts.
Vicinity of Grace Way in Morristown
Hi - I am interested in a home energy audit. Can you please email me costs and scope? Thanks.
Vicinity of Ralph Pl in Morristown
Insulation issues...
Vicinity of Wheatsheaf Farm Road in Morristown
I am looking for a natural gas line to be extended for installation of a natural gas outdoor grill.
Vicinity of Heritage Lane in Morristown
I am looking for an estimate for a new gas furnace as well as a gas furnace/AC combo replacement.
Vicinity of Early Street in Morristown
Steam pipe dripping water.
Vicinity of Logan Place in Morristown
The sewer line appears to be cracked and may need to be replaced or cut. I would like to get an estimate to remediate.
Vicinity of Kennedy Lane in Morristown
Boiler leaking and stopped working. May need to replace.
Vicinity of James St. in Morristown
Like to have central air installed. I have steam boiler.
Vicinity of Oak Lane in Morristown
We are purchasing an investment property in Morris Township. Previous owners took the AC system (air handler/compressor) - need a price to replace. Also, we plan to install new half bath 1st floor and add a shower in basement bath.