Work Requests in New Providence

Pipe Works Services, Inc. is dedicated to helping our community by always providing exceptional customer service, quality craftsmanship, and reliable products. It's how we've built our reputation for excellence in New Providence. Learn more about Pipe Works Services, Inc.'s recent work requests in New Providence and nearby areas!

Learn more about Pipe Works Services, Inc.'S recent work requests in New Providence, NJ
Vicinity of Walnut St in New Providence
Interested in a quote to blow insulation into the outerwalls and into the garage ceiling.
Vicinity of Forest Rd in New Providence
I'm interested in obtaining an estimate to install a whole house humidifier to the hvac system, install a backup for the existing sump pump, and address minor heat balancing issues in our single family home.
Vicinity of Mountain Ave in New Providence
Inquiry regarding natural gas home generator for keeping essentials running. How will Pipeworks be able to assist in: 1. Sizing the unit to determine what the essential load is. 2. Verifying PSE&G requirements to support proposed size on unit 3. Turnkey installation 4. Does Pipeworks submit for and pick up all required permits with the town directly, as opposed to homeowner doing any of these steps
Vicinity of Fairview Ave in New Providence
I have a cape home with a large - steep roof (west facing). I have no attic as this is now an upstairs bedroom with a drop down ceiling. I need an evaluation to look at either insulation and ventilation to limit ice daming. Looking for options and estimates.
Vicinity of Valentine Rd in New Providence
Curious to see if sealing my duck work would help my system be more efficient. We have a very old system that will be replaced eventually... But the duct work will need work first.
Vicinity of Inwood Rd in New Providence
How much do you charge to install a new grill to an existing natural gas line? old grill/new grill swap.