Water heating is one of the top expenses you pay and can account for as much as 18 percent of your utility bill. One way to curb water-heating expenses is by installing tankless water heaters. They are so efficient that you can reduce your home energy costs by approximately 20 percent by using them. Furthermore, you can save additional money by optimizing your tankless heating system’s performance. Here are some steps to get the most out of a tankless water heater:

Hire a skilled plumber to install the water heater. A good plumber will know how to choose the right size heater for optimal performance in your home. A reputable plumber can also make sure that the water heater has adequate ventilation and the right supply of gas or electricity to operate efficiently.

Make sure flow rates at the water outlets that connect to the water heater exceed the minimum flow rates. Depending on their size and model, tankless water heaters require a specific rate of flow to ensure that hot water is available at a range of pressures. If you’re unsure how to calculate the correct flow rates, contact an experienced plumber.

Install a point-of-use system to avoid water waste. This type of system heats water right next to faucets and appliances. Hot water comes out almost right away, so there’s no wasting water while you wait for it to warm up.

Consider installing more than one tankless system, if your household uses a large amount of hot water. This type of water heater is more efficient than a standard water heater, but it does not provide as much water flow. However, when you add one at each water outlet in your home, you can cut your water heating costs in half.

Fix or replace leaky water fixtures and consider installing low-flow shower heads and toilets.

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