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Hidden leaks can cost up to $50,000 in water damage and no amount of insurance can replace family photos or other important items lost during a home flood. That is why Pipe Works Services, Inc. offers a complete leak prevention system with Leak Defense.

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How Leak Defense works

Undetectable plumbing leaks can be disastrous for your home, especially in the foundation. Luckily, Leak Defense offers proprietary electronic sensing technology, monitoring water flow 24/7.

If your home's water flow exceeds its preset limits, then it sends an alert and sounds an alarm. If the alarm isn't reset within a preset time, it will shut off the water automatically.

Benefits of Leak Defense:

  • Easy-to-use control panel
  • App available for remote management
  • Catches pinhole & slab leaks
  • Detects leaks behind walls & in ceilings
  • Automatically shuts off water
  • Ties into existing security systems
  • One-touch water supply shut off
  • Helps to reduce water consumption
  • Flexible installations to meet your needs

The Leak Defense system

  • The Heart: Leak Defense System Valve
    Leak Defense System Valve

    The Leak Defense System automatic water shut-off control valve is installed on the structure's incoming water line. It includes pipe sizes to fit every application, from ¾” to 3″.

    This part of the system monitors water flow 24/7, providing reliable leak detection and protection!

  • The Eyes: Control Panel
    Control Panel

    Water consumption is different in every household. That's why our user-friendly wireless control panel lets you set your Leak Defense system to match your family's lifestyle. It can also be connected to a third party monitoring company, like your security system, which can provide an additional alert for added protection!

  • Ultimate Control: Your Mobile Devices
    Mobile Devices

    No matter how near or far, you can have total control over your home's water flow. After you register your device with the Leak Defense website, you can enjoy all the convenience of remote control, mobile access.

    If you have multiple systems, you can monitor each of them individually. This is especially valuable for those with more than one residential property.

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Prevent costly water damage and conserve water with the Leak Defense system from Pipe Works Services, Inc.. Our easy-to-use, reliable leak protection solution is available for homeowners throughout New Jersey, including Chatham, Madison, Summit, Basking Ridge, Short Hills, Union, Millburn, Clifton, Somerset, Florham Park, and areas nearby.

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