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Plumbing Services in Dover ,NJ
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Pipe Works Services Inc will excavate approximately 4 feet down in three separate spots in the front yard in Dover, NJ. One against the foundation of the home, out towards the yard, one at the middle of the yard and one at the curb key. 

Pipe Works services, inc will use an air powered “bullet” to create a hole in the soil to run the new water service from hole to hole. If the condition of the soil is too “rocky” or we can not use the air powered “bullet” we will discuss the additional options with the customer.

Pipe Works Services Inc will Install a new PVC sleeve from the front of the home and penetrate into the basement foundation.

Pipe Works Services Inc will supply and install 1 inch copper K from the curb key up into the basement. The property has a new primary and secondary Main water shut off, PRV, ST-12 expansion tank and drain tee already in place from water service installation approximately 18 months ago.

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