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Disconnected Venturi, gas line, clips for supplyand return, model 67 air eliminator, exhaust piping(heavy amounts of water came out when exhaust piping was removed).

I mounted central box location for heat exchanger by bracket assembly, disconnect all harness applied to components being removed.

Cleaned venturi inlet, and combustion side of gas chamber. Proceeded to mounting new heat exchanger, connected all components, re bled entire boiler system, then bled out boiler heat exchanger thru top left hand corner turn valve. Allowed system to go thru it’s De-air cycle.

Upon domestic hot water call unit cycle on but continued to short cycle, I then attempted to place my combustion analyzer in system and immediately hit high upper limit.

Called NTI and they advice to throttle gas valve regulator down all the way and start from 5 counter clockwise turns and continue to do so until CO2 is between 9.0%-9.8%

This was unsuccessful I was unable to get proper combustion, NTi technical support advice that gas valve might of taken further damaged from previously incorrect piping for exhaust. 

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