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Clogged Pipes in Laundry Area in
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Customer states he has a backed up laundry sink in basement. Upon inspection confirmed main sewer line is not clogged. Common drain shared by laundry sink kitchen sink upstairs and washing machine is clogged before entering main line. Had to extract and remove all water in 30 gallon slop sink. Buckets used to dump in back yard. Removed drain assembly under sink and used snake , due to piping inside wall snake is traveling up to washing machine box. Pulled washing machine and found clean out located behind washing machine. Used snake to clear drain. Took several attempt severe grease clog is present. Presented customer with options and advised on scope of work needed. Was successful after many attempts to clear the drain. Ran hot water from laundry sink and drain is now flowing properly. Due to water and sewage back up advised power dry to come out. Also provided customer with courtesy 5% discount from total bill as per service manager. Also provided customer with total C preventive drain treatment mix.