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Bathroom Fixtures

Just about any feature in a bathroom plays a part in the overall style of this small but significant space. But bathroom fixtures do more than make a style statement. They also determine how well the bathroom performs its basic functions. It's not enough for these devices to look good; they also have to function well.

Small bathroom fixtures are easier to replace

Bathroom fixtures can be classified as small or large. Small fixtures include faucets, showerheads, light fixtures, and towel racks. These bathroom fixtures can be replaced fairly easily. A homeowner can remove an old showerhead and install a new one in just a few minutes. It makes sense to install a new showerhead if your existing showerhead doesn't have the features you like or if its flow rate exceeds 2.5 gpm. As for sink faucets, these are often replaced when a new sink or bathroom vanity is installed.

A light fixture upgrade gives you the opportunity to update your bathroom's style while also improving both types of light that are necessary –ambient and task.

Major bathroom fixtures can be replaced or updated

While small bathroom fixtures are fairly easy to replace, upgrading major fixtures like toilets, tubs, sink vanities and showers are more difficult. But upgrading major fixtures can make all the difference in bathroom appearance, functionality, and value.

We offer free estimates on upgrading bathroom fixtures

If your bathroom is in desperate need of plumbing repairs or upgrades, don't assume that an expensive gut rehab is called for. 

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