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Is your dishwasher more than 10 years old? It may be time for an upgrade. After purchasing a new appliance or fixture, Pipe Works Services, Inc. provides professional plumbing installations for dishwashers, bathtubs, toilets, and more.

See how a new dishwasher installation can boost your home's performance, energy efficiency, and value. Click below to schedule a free plumbing fixture installation estimate in New Jersey, including Chatham, Madison, Summit, and nearby.

How an old dishwasher impacts your home

Dishwasher Installation in Summit

Many homeowners rely on their dishwasher to assure life in their home goes smoothly. But if your old dishwasher is wasting water, costing you more on your energy bills, and not performing as it should, then it loses its convenience.

At Pipe Works Services, Inc., we provide plumbing services that improve your home's overall energy efficiency, performance, and value – which is why we often recommend installing a new dishwasher!

Reasons to replace your dishwasher:

  • Energy-efficiency: Your old dishwasher could be wasting $35 annually on your energy bills and 10 gallons of water per cycle. Newer, Energy Star-certified dishwashers are 12 percent more energy efficient and can save you 30 percent more on water.
  • Performance: There are plenty of signs that your dishwasher is underperforming or broken, such as water buildup after a cycle, a broken door lock, cold dishes after drying, water leaks, or loud noises during a cycle. If you have any of these issues with your dishwasher, then a newer appliance may be needed.
  • Appearance: If your dishwasher is rusted or visibly cracked, not only is this a sign of diminished performance, but it also reflects poorly on your home. A new appliance would look as pristine as it performs.
  • Convenience: Some homeowners think handwashing may save them more money and water. But a new, Energy Star certified dishwasher uses as little as 11 liters per load, which saves 5,000 gallons of water per year. Also, the heaters inside the appliance can prove to be more efficient, as an Energy Star certified system uses less than half of the energy needed than to wash dishes by hand.

Our new dishwasher installation process

Once one of our plumbers have inspected your dishwasher, we can determine whether a new system may be more beneficial. After you have purchased a new system, we can perform the installation for you quickly, completing the project the same day!

Schedule a free dishwasher installation estimate today

With simple and effective new plumbing upgrades, the fully licensed professionals at Pipe Works Services, Inc. can make your home more energy efficient, convenient, and valuable.

We proudly serve New Jersey, including Chatham, Madison, Summit, Basking Ridge, Short Hills, Union, Millburn, Clifton, Somerset, Florham Park, and areas nearby. Schedule a free estimate today!

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